by Sable Hills

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Sable Hills - "Colorless" from the 1st EP "Resurrection"

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for fans of As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive, Unearth, Counterparts



Inside of me
I know you're colorless

The days that I’ve been Iazy to do anything,
feeling yearning for and jealous of idols
As time passes, to disguise myself
I have a lot of worthless pride

Nothing except for insult is in mind
Things that persist are hatred and misery
Things that persist are only hatred and misery

Really, I know that these are meaningless
Really, I know that how things change is dependent upon my hands

Screaming from your heart takes you to the top
You’ve not weathered, not even shined yet
Till the very end, never put your eyes away
from this broken truth

Your arms are double-edged swords
Defy the reality while crashing
You'll know the truth when you survive it
Are you able to accept it?

Inside of me
I know you're colorless

At the bottom of distress, I found my failure
Now offset the time you lost
It’s no use waiting for others
Only trust yourself


The answer you've looked for is beyond the fog
Then, I see this broken truth

Fight it out with your own firm will and an iron faith
Watch the fucking world burn
Watch the world burn


released August 13, 2015
Sound Producer : bitoku (



all rights reserved


Sable Hills Tokyo, Japan

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